Society of General Physiologists honors Dr. Del Rosario with Excelsior Award

John Del Rosario, PhD, was recently honored by the Society of General Physiologists with the prestigious Excelsior Award, recognizing his exceptional contributions to the fields of physiology and biophysics. This accolade is specifically designed to identify and promote the talents of early career scientists who have been underrepresented within these fields. Dr. Del Rosario’s work in physiology and biophysics, specifically his research on chronic pain sensation, has set a new standard for excellence.

As a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Anesthesiology, Dr. Del Rosario is currently conducting research under the mentorship of Robert Gereau, PhD, the department’s vice chair for research and director of the Washington University Pain Center. His research focuses on understanding how the peripheral nervous system adapts, maladapts, and undergoes structural and molecular changes to maintain neuronal function in the context of chronic pain conditions. Through the use of both mouse and human sensory neurons, along with innovative models of neuropathic pain, Dr. Del Rosario explores the peripheral mechanisms responsible for the transition from acute to chronic pain. His research places a specific emphasis on exploring ion channel dysfunction, pain-inducing injuries, and channelopathies.

”John Del Rosario is a gifted and passionate scientist, and this prestigious award recognizes his exceptional promise as a future leader in the field of pain physiology and biophysics,” says Gereau.

Dr. Del Rosario holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Neuroscience from the City College of New York, as well as a Doctorate in Biomedical Sciences from Rutgers University.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Del Rosario — we look forward to his continued success!